Rigani - a Celtic goddess

The holding's company name "arigani" is derived from "Rigani". Rigani was a queen goddess, most often represented in her capacity as goddess of the sky, as well as goddess of commerce and arts.

Rigani is also a mountain goddess - manifested in the Rigi, the mountain massif between Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and the Lauerzersee in central Switzerland. Rigani may be the reason why the beautiful Rigi is also called the "Queen of the Mountains".

It is not without reason that the Rigi massif is regarded as a manifest deity. It extends exactly in the direction of the sun. A place of worship to Rigani is believed in Rigi Kaltbad, in which the beneficial effects of the local spring water are appreciated until today. The rock chapel at the Three Sisters Spring, built there in 1536, was once a famous place of pilgrimage.